September 30, 2023

Are you looking for methods to spice up your focus and productiveness at work?

I discover that whereas ideas for time administration and job prioritization are useful—”Batch your work!” “Make a to-do listing!”—typically they ignore the exterior elements that make it more durable to get work performed.

Whereas researching my ebook in regards to the 5 senses, I found that to an amazing diploma, it’s typically our environment, our screens, and different people who hijack our consideration.

Environment: whether or not we’re working in an workplace or from house, components of our surroundings typically seize our consideration

Screens: whether or not within the type of a smartphone, a pc monitor, or a TV, screens tempt us with leisure and data

Different folks: Human survival has all the time relied on our skill to cooperate, and we now have an insatiable curiosity about different folks.

Details about different folks is so compelling that it may be powerful to pay attention within the presence of others—one thing bemoaned by many workplace employees who sit in an open-plan design, or by individuals who do business from home with members of the family close by.

These and different exterior elements make it laborious for us to:

Focus—to pay attention; full the duties we begin; keep alert to errors or oversights; assume deeply and creatively; and persist via frustration.

Be productive—to keep up our vitality from morning to night; keep away from time-wasting actions or distractions; and determine methods to work extra effectively; study to make use of new instruments.

Right here’s one easy, manageable resolution: Faucet in to the ability of our 5 senses.

By being aware of our senses, we are able to determine elements that  help or disrupt our focus, and increase or diminish our productiveness. With that information, we are able to enhance the expertise of the office, whether or not we work in an workplace, at house, or hybrid.

Happily, this tip is fast, simple, and cheap to implement! We don’t want to purchase one thing, take a category, or make an appointment. Our senses can be found to us proper now.

Be aware: As we form our environments, it’s essential to keep in mind that all of us expertise our personal distinctive sensory world. When you share environment with different folks, what feels comfy to you won’t really feel comfy to them. The purpose is to create an surroundings the place everybody can thrive.

30 Methods to Use Your 5 Senses to Increase Focus and Productiveness


1. Ask your self: Are you a simplicity-lover or an abundance-lover? For some folks, creativity and productiveness are sparked by orderly preparations, naked counters, empty cabinets. Different get a lift from profusion, buzz, piles, and collections.

Neither method is the “proper” or “incorrect” method, however if you happen to share an area with somebody who prefers a special model, you may must compromise. When you’re the boss, don’t make the error of insisting that everybody do issues your method—what works for you won’t work in your workers.

2. Get sufficient, however not an excessive amount of, mild. (In case your eyes really feel reduction whenever you make a salute, you’ve gotten an excessive amount of mild.)

3. For many individuals, outer order contributes to internal calm, focus, and vitality. In case you have bother concentrating as a result of your environment are messy and cluttered, take time to ascertain order. You may…

4. Comply with the one-minute rule; something you are able to do in lower than one minute, do at once.

5. Do a every day 10-minute nearer and take ten minutes on the finish of the day to prepare your work area.

6. However beware procrasti-clearing! I generally fall into this entice—when I’ve a really sturdy urge to clear litter as an excuse to delay engaged on a tricky job.

We frequently lose time and focus after we’re fussing with our smartphones. Our telephones present worthwhile instruments that save us time and vitality, however in addition they provide many temptations. By altering the looks of your telephone, you can also make it work higher for you.

7. Delete time-sucking apps, equivalent to video games or social media.

8. Flip your telephone to “grayscale” so its photos seem solely in white, black, or grey—a lot more durable, and fewer enjoyable, to make use of!

9. Delete apps you don’t use and manage your apps by operate, alphabetically, and even—whimsically—by colour.

10. Use your house display to remind you of an necessary purpose—a good friend put the phrase “WRITE” on her house display so that every look at her telephone reminded her to remain productive.

Listening to:

11. Simply as you clear litter, clear clatter. Establish and eradicate bothersome noises that distract you whilst you work. Be aware: Our brains are wired to be notably attentive to human voices, so chances are you’ll be particularly distracted by different folks’s conversations.

12. Put on noise-cancelling headphones.

13. Flip off your smartphone’s notifications sounds so these pings and buzzes received’t interrupt your practice of thought.

14. Play white noise, brown noise, or pink noise to create a extra constant sound surroundings. Particularly if you happen to’re distracted by overhearing different folks speaking or transferring round, white noise can muffle sounds that may in any other case catch your consideration. (My favourite is pink noise.)

15. Determine whether or not listening to music boosts or diminishes your productiveness. To work, I want silence or a busy hum (equivalent to a espresso store), however some folks profit from music. Totally different sound environments assist folks to enhance their focus and productiveness, so form your environment to go well with your self.

16. Right here’s a helpful hack: if you’ll want to quiet a gaggle—say, you’ll want to begin a gathering with a roomful of people that received’t cease speaking—blow right into a harmonica. It’s a nice sound that immediately communicates, “Quiet, it’s time to start out.”


We frequently disregard our sense of scent, however it’s a really highly effective affect and may make a giant distinction in how we expertise an surroundings.

17. Use a nice scent as a method as a cue, “Time to buckle down.” I’ve a gardenia-scented candle that I solely burn after I really want further focus, so I affiliate the scent with instances of intense productiveness.

Be aware: solely use this hack when working at house; when working with different folks, it’s finest to keep away from creating smells. Folks typically have very completely different concepts of what they need to scent!

18. As a result of unhealthy smells can drain our vitality, deal with a stench on the supply. The rubbish pail, the fridge, and the microwave are frequent culprits. (It’s finest to keep away from utilizing extremely scented cleansing merchandise, see level above.)


Once we work, we generally seize a tasty chunk as a method to give ourselves increase—and sometimes, we makes decisions that aren’t wholesome.

19. When you’re a espresso drinker, drink some espresso! Even when it’s de-caffeinated, many individuals affiliate the scent, sight, and style of espresso with vitality and refreshment.

20. Preserve wholesome meals close to at hand. If it’s simple to drag a bag of chips from the cabinet or merchandising machine, and it’s laborious to assemble a wholesome snack, you’ll discover it laborious to withstand temptation. Additionally, if you happen to’re being productive, you received’t need to break your focus by utilizing your time and a focus to organize meals.

21. When you’re not hungry, however feeling distracted by your need to discover a candy or salty snack, brush your enamel.

22. I discover that holding a sugar-free mint in my mouth helps me focus. I don’t know why, however it works. Some folks desire to chew gum.


23. Increasingly, folks flip to pop fidget toys, remedy dough, weighted blankets, and different contact instruments to remain calm, centered, and productive. It helps! I’ve a fidget spinner that I really like—I discover it particularly useful after I’m sitting in a protracted video name. Nobody on the display can see or hear what I’m doing, and the exercise of my fingers helps me focus my thoughts.

24. Remove scratchy shirts or tight pants, and exchange an uncomfortable chair or a desk that’s too excessive or too low. Discomfort can distract and drain us. Alongside the identical strains…

25. Modify the temperature of your work area.

26. When you’re distracted by the TV, retailer the distant management in a really inconvenient area–ditto, with the telephone. If a tool is in your fingers, you’ll most likely use it; if it’s a must to go to lots of bother to get it, you received’t thoughtlessly decide it up.  

Use Your 5 Senses to Take Energizing, Stress-free Breaks

Our 5 senses additionally assist us to remain centered and productive by giving us a break from focus and productiveness! Typically, if we need to preserve going, we now have to permit ourselves to cease.

Taking a break to bask in a sensory expertise is a fast, simple method to refresh our minds and our bodies.

27. As a result of research shows that being in the presence of nature both calms and energizes us, if you happen to can, stimulate your senses with nature—stroll outdoor throughout your lunch hour, sit close to a window that gives pure mild and recent air, add a plant to your work space.

28. Listening to a favorite upbeat song is one of the quickest, easiest ways to give yourself a boost. (Get a much bigger increase by dancing alongside to the music, or doing a little leaping jacks.)

29. Permit your self to goof round. Analysis exhibits that durations of play assist us to remain centered and inventive. Choose up an instrument you haven’t practiced shortly, doodle with coloured pencils, scent 5 jars of spices within the kitchen, stroll barefoot and take note of the feel of the ground, make a paper airplane, invent a brand new sort of sandwich.

30. Strengthen groups by encouraging folks to share playful, enjoyable sensory experiences. Such team-building actions embrace:


Keep in mind That Folks Expertise Very Totally different Sensory Worlds

Whether or not we’re working within the workplace or at house, we regularly face battle with others that come up from completely different sensory experiences and preferences.

One individual like scented candles; another person finds the scent unbearably sturdy. One individual doesn’t thoughts the sound of different folks’s conversations; another person could be very distracted by the sounds of voices. One individual doesn’t thoughts piles of papers and cabinets of trinkets; another person desires to cover every thing in drawers and behind doorways. One individual activates all of the lights another person finds the room unbearably vivid. One individual likes to open home windows to really feel a breeze and listen to outside sounds; one other individual dislikes the draft and the noise.

Recognizing that folks expertise sensations in numerous methods will help us all to be extra understanding—to not dismiss folks’s objections to sights, sounds, smells, tastes, or touches, however as a substitute to respect them, in order that we are able to create sensory environments during which everybody can really feel comfy.

With aware planning and a focus, tapping in to our 5 senses is a vital software for serving to us to rework the office in order that we could be extra centered, extra productive, extra artistic, much less burdened—and happier.